SFLCON controller

The SFLCON controller is based on a Siemens controller and takes measurements from 1 or 2 SFLINT-485 luminance meters. Depending on the values obtained, the device switches on or off up to 6 circuits per luminance meter (or 12 if only one is connected).
The controller requests the average luminance from the luminance meters, which avoids possible alterations due to reflections, clouds, etc. Communication is done every minute to improve immunity to communication interference. Only after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts is a luminance meter considered to have failed and the lighting programmed for that eventuality is switched on.

Each of the outputs can be programmed independently so that, in the event of an error, it retains its status, switches off or switches on.

The error situation disappears as soon as a correct reading is obtained from the equipment.

In normal operation, each of the outputs can be programmed to switch on or off from a value, to stay on in a range of values or even to have different behaviour when the luminance increases or decreases.