Luxmeter SFLUX-GPS

The SLFUX-GPS luxmeter is specially designed for taking illuminance measurements over large areas of public roads. For this purpose, it has a GPS receiver integrated in each sensor, which allows geo-referenced measurements to be obtained. In addition, it has a very high sampling rate, which makes the system capable of taking values without obstructing traffic, being able to reach speeds of up to 90 km/h without loss of performance.

The system consists of 1 to 3 sensors that are connected via USB to a laptop computer and a powerful software that allows data recording and subsequent editing, filtering, graphing and printing. The programme also includes a wizard that allows the user to decide the expected lighting class according to the selection parameters of the Spanish Energy Efficiency Regulation or the UNE 13201 Standard, depending on the user’s choice.


The route taken during the last two hours is reflected dynamically on the map included, which facilitates the measurement work, avoiding forgetting streets or sections.


The data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Google Earth, DXF and SHP for inclusion in a cartography with Datum ETRS89, WGS84 or ED50. There is also an extension module for use in large areas, such as car parks, airport aprons, etc.