SifisaLux – Viario

SifisaLux – Viario is more than just a software for calculating lighting installations: it is an adaptable tool so that, from an Excel or a database, for example, it can automatically calculate thousands of installations, even optimising the luminaire model to achieve the required levels with minimum consumption.

With calculation routines that have been extensively tested for years, the outputs will be adapted to your needs and completely customised.

This application is especially aimed at Engineering and Energy Consultancies dedicated to the evaluation of lighting levels in urban areas in order to propose the replacement of luminaires to improve lighting levels and/or reduce consumption.

With this tool you will drastically reduce the hours of calculation and simulation, and with it the costs of personnel dedicated to these tasks.

The system searches for the best luminaire to meet the lighting requirements set and with minimum consumption. Optionally, the compliance of pavements, glare, pavement/road ratio, etc. can also be checked. It is also possible to establish margins of error different from those established by the reference standard (REE, EN13201,…).

Consult us and we will assess your needs.