The Administrator of SIFISA, S.L.U. with the approval of this Quality Manual, demonstrates the company’s commitment to establish a Quality Policy that is specified in the achievement and continuous improvement of the following general objectives:

  • Agility and rigour in the provision of services.
  • Permanent adaptation of the same to the needs of the clients -and potential clients-, offering as far as possible personalised solutions.
  • To offer technologically advanced and reliable products and services.
  • To open new product lines and expand the activity to new markets.
  • To contribute positive values to the society of which SIFISA, S.L.U. forms part. This commitment takes the form of ethical, fair and socially supportive action and compliance with current legislation in everything related to the company.
  • As a whole, the Quality System aims to increase customer satisfaction, with a commitment to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System itself and the services provided.

All of this with the aim of consolidating the prestige of SIFISA, S.L.U. in its field of action, as well as among the potentially client business group, to which it aspires to provide service in the future.

Annually, within the framework of the management review of the quality system, short-term objectives will be defined and quantified, which will be monitored by means of the appropriate indicators. Likewise, if necessary, the Quality Policy itself shall be reviewed when circumstances so require.

The Administrator