SifisaLux – Tunnel

SifisaLux – Tunnel is currently one of the most powerful programmes for calculating lighting installations for tunnels on the market.

It supports an almost unlimited number of luminaires that can be combined in up to 10 different lighting configurations. It is possible to define an infinite number of calculation zones in which to obtain Illuminance, Luminance, Semi-Cylindrical and Semi-Spherical Illuminance results.
If desired, calculations can be made taking into account the contribution by reflection on the different surfaces of the tunnel. Its assistant performs a near-perfect distribution of luminaires to match the CIE curve.

The photometries can be in CIBSE TM14, Eulumdat, IES and Phillum format. As this software is not supported by any manufacturer, the user is free to include the luminaires of his choice, guaranteeing that the results will be brand independent and without annoying messages reminding that they are from an external source.

It is possible to purchase a perpetual licence or, if you prefer, a monthly subscription that allows you to evaluate the full features of the software for as long as you need for a small outlay.